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“Modi Groups”, is a leading agglomeration of companies and firms engaged in the business of road construction and stone crushing in the state of Rajasthan for the last four decades.

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Crusher Mining

Stone crushing and mining business is other forte of our group. We are market leaders in the state of Rajasthan stone crushing & mining business. Aggregate being the major constituent for Infrastructure projects, we are not dependent on others as we have around 14 stone crushers in the state of Rajasthan. This is one the main reason for our quality and in time delivery of projects.

Group of Companies

Dealing in Infrastructure, Manpower and Heavy Engineering.

Modi Infrastone Pvt. Ltd.

We know that the only real measure of our worth is in the results we deliver to our customers. Modi's high-capacity, reliable and energy efficient crushing solutions deliver superior performance and maximized throughout also for the most demanding mining applications.

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Shree Balaji Stone Crusher

A stone crusher is a type of pulverizer that is used to compress or break apart a variety of large stone. Stone crushers typically feature a large crushing rate and high yield, and while they may be used as primary crushers, they are also often used as secondary or tertiary crushers. Industries that utilize stone crushers include transportation, energy, petrochemical, industrial manufacturing and smelting.

Sri Balaji Stone crusher is the most leading brand in manufacturing of crush stones.

We manufacture highly innovated stone crushers. . All of our devices are reinforced with high quality resources to ensure the durability of our items.

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Ganesh Stone Crusher

Since stone crushers can be used on such a wide range of materials, they can be utilized in a variety of applications in industries such as mining, for the crushing of mined and quarried stone; metallurgy, for the crushing of large stone into smaller stone.

Ganesh Stone Crusher manufacture highly advanced stone crushers which are cost efficient and durable.

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Ganpati Stone Crusher

Ganpati Stone Crusher build a very strong and durable stone crusher which has been widely used in the fields of mining, metallurgical, construction, road and railway building, hydropower and chemistry etc

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Dharti Dhan Minerals

Dharti Dhan minerals give long term facilities. We are processor and supplier of quality minerals.

The wide range of chemicals, which we are dealing in, is brought to our manufacturing plant where they are processed on the lines of international norms and tested in our quality department to ascertain their high performance and quallity in market.

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Modi Aggregate Solution

Modi Aggregate Solution is a network model where the firm collects the information about a particular good/service providers, make the providers their partners, and sell their services under its own brand.

We sure that the partners provide you with the standardized quality product/service.

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